Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 in 1 Review: The Great Gatsby

“I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” 
Genre: Classics
Series: N/a
Rating:☆s  My opinion is not relevant.

Book Review
How do you even begin to review a classic that has been so revered by many?All classics are a must-read so this review will be very brief, considering that my opinion is not relevant.  Like many other readers, I admire Fitzgerald's job in depicting the disillusionment of the lost generation.

Jay Gatsby is forever dreaming of a past that cannot be changed.
"Can’t repeat the past?Why of course you can!"
For five years, he worked hard before rising to fame and amassing a great deal of wealth. During these years, he has been passionately pining for a dream of reuniting with his lady love. But this story is about more than chasing the American dream. Because unfortunately even all the accumulated riches of the world will not  amass to the value of love and happiness. No, The Great Gatsby is about the delusion of believing how money is the equivalence to achieving the American dream when it only proves to satisfy the shallowness of a glamorous life.

Like all timeless classics, I think they should be read at least once in your life. So please don't let my rambling persuade you from reading it.

Movie Review
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby
              Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway
              CareyMulligan as Daisy Buchanan
Rated: PG-13
Rating: 5☆s

ASDFGHJK Did I just give the movie a higher rating than the book? Ok I give you guys permission to slap me. But in all honesty, I am telling the truth. I've already watched the 2000 release of The Great Gatsby film (& I must say that it's decent enough) and found it very surprising that they decided to make another one so soon. Nonetheless, I'm glad they did. Ugh the party scenes were to die for!
Is that a zebra in the pool? #partylife
Props to the props/set director. This place is beautiful!
The cast. Leo makes an excellent Gatsby. Although I am not the type to fangirl, I admire his acting and his looks are easy on the eye. Speaking of which, why hasn't he received an Oscar yet? As for Tobey Maguire, he is  very fitting for Nick Carraway. He was so adorably awkward especially around Tom and his crowd. Overall, I thought most of the characters were appropriately casted.
The awkward moment when there is not enough flowers.

How it differs from the novel. Overall, the movie was very on key with the novel except for a few small changes.

  • The movie begins with a depressed Nick diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety telling his doctor the story of Gatsby. 

Sounds like me. 

  • If you didn't read the book, you may not have caught on that Nick was dating Jordan. 
    Elizabeth Debicki looking gorgeous. 
  • Daisy's daughter, Pammy, made a short cameo at the end but was left out of the scene where she was introduced to Gatsby. 
  • They skipped the whole funeral! I thought that was a fairly significant scene that should have been in the movie. 
    Don't dive in the pool, Leo!
This movie is a perfect rendition of the novel. A must-watch!


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