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Hello Internet, I know my blog sounds a tad silly but I can assure you guys that I take my reviews seriously. I'm not here to fool around  or  speaking in plain internet "troll". At the same time, I want to have fun writing my blog. I am by no means a professional, I like reading and I hope to share my thoughts with others. Now that I'm done rambling, here's my review policy:

I review                                                                                      I do not review
YA                                                                                              Erotica   
Fantasy                                                                                      Nonfiction
Urban Fantasy                                                                           Biographies 
New Adult

5☆s ASDFGHJK my eyeballs are stinging from tears of joy. DUDE why are you still reading this? GET THE BOOK.
4☆s Ah-mazing!! Worthy of a reread. though missing something short of that 1 star.
3☆s Mehhhh I liked it but I'm not really feeling it.
2☆s Sorry, not for me.
1☆s Let's not even go there. I seriously hope I won't resort to a 1 star.

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored and I am not affiliated with any of the titles/books/authors mentioned. All opinions are my own. All books are bought by me unless stated otherwise.

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