Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Demons at Deadnight by A&E Kirk

"I launched into a graceful ninja-like front roll, then stood my ground to face the monstrous heathen, fearless in my determination to vanquish the deadly foe. Nah, just kidding. I bolted, discretion being the better part of not getting dead."

Genre: YA/ Paranormal Romance
Series: Divinicus Nex Chronicles #1
Rating: 5☆s

My reaction after reading this book:
Jaw dropping, eye watering, rainbow puking 420 pages of GOODNESS. No but seriously, reading a book this good is like finding a hole in the wall. Demons at Deadnight is definitely a hidden gem. I'm having stomach pains from laughing too hard while reading.

Let's see we got demons, fairies, guardian angels, wolf-tiger hybrid thingy, demon hunters, and to sum it up a loyal guard cat. 17 year old Aurora is gifted with vision that allows her to see demons. As the Divinicus Nex, she poses a threat to demons and becomes the ultimate magnet for trouble. Fortunately for her, Aurora is safe in the hands of not one hero but 6 testosterone filled heroes, known as the Hex Boys. This action-packed book had me enraptured from the first page. Careful not to reveal herself as the Nex, unless she wants to be held hostage, Aurora is weary of the boys' intentions on whether they aim to kill or protect her. The relationship between Aurora and the Hex Boys is hilarious. They banter and fight almost as crazy as my family does. 

Typical convo whenever Aurora gets hurt:

“How'd you get the burn?"
Ignoring him only got me a barrage of chatter.
"Yeah, how?"
'Did something, or someone, do it?"
"You're bleeding."
"It's her knee again."
"She opened it up."
"Did you fall?"
"You've got grass in your hair."
"Were you in a fight?"
"How'd you get grass in your hair?"
"I think she was in a fight."
"Leaves and some dirt, too. that a feather?"
"You were in a fight with a bird?"
"Hey, how did you manage to knock Blake down?"
"She didn't knock me down! I caught her."
"Hah! A little girl took you out."
"Shut up or I'll take you out."
"Her extreme velocity overcame Blake's superior mass."
"I am superior."
"How'd you get moving so fast?"
Props to you if you know who is saying what!

Reasons why I love Aurora:
1.She has the super, cool, awesome ability to see/track demons and other mythological creatures.
2. She's clever, funny, witty, snarky, whatever you want to call it. She may not got the moves but she's got a smart mouth.
3. She is as clumsy as me. We klutzs have to stick up for each other.

Hex Boys.  When you hear their name, that's when girls start swooning and panties start dropping.
Ayden. The smoking hot one (literally). Twin to Jayden. Warning can be explosive when near Aurora. 
Jayden. The hexy nerd.Twin to Ayden. Half the time, no one knows what he's saying but I still love him.
Tristan. The boy next door. Hallucinator-don't mess with him. 
Blake the Gigantor aka Knight in shining armor.  He's all mine. 
Logan the Albino. The sweet, sensitive one. Blushes at the smallest thing.
Matthius the Aussie. Milo addict. Grumpy. Great company. Has the cutest dimples when/if he smiles. Dark brooding guy with tortured past.

Favorite Quotes:

"I glanced down and saw something far scarier than any demon. A guy. My age. All smoldering good-looks and gorgeous. And I was on top of him. Straddling his hips. Oh jeez."

"I heard them coming. I thought about sitting in a chair and greeting them with a saucy, “Hello, boys. I want some answers and you’re going to give them to me,” as they walked in. Just like some femme-fatale in a James Bond movie. Then I got real, wussed out, and looked for a place to hide."

“Clyde, she said it’s fine. What? Really?” Mom huffed.
“Your dad wants to know if ‘fine’ is code for ‘please come home, I’m being held hostage by hormonal maniacs.’”Pause. “And if said hormonal maniacs are listening he wants them to know he will cut off vital body parts and watch them bleed out a slow and torturous death then bury said body parts on different continents throughout the world so he will never be brought to justice and will revel in their excruciating demise for the rest of his life because they had the nerve to cause his daughter any discomfort."
If my incessant blabbering didn't convince you to buy this book, then maybe the fact that it is $0.99 will!
Get it on Amazon. Hurry.

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